July 8, 2014

Welcome to Wally's Jolly Walkers Site!

We are really excited to have our inaugural walk in Beaverton this year!  $10 is the sign up fee to come join us at the Relay on August 22 and 23!  Just click on this link to be taken to the sign up page.

Once we get closer to the date we will start assigning times, so if there is a time you would like to be there - or a time you can't be there - let Jamie or Tiersa know.  One hour, 2, 3, or more, all are welcome!

Our team will be selling lap beads as our main fundraiser.  We will also be selling bottles of water.   We are hosting the 8 to 9 PM hour, which means we give a little cancer fact presentation at the top of the hour, and then we will be hosting a Cupcake Sundae Bar during that hour as another fundraiser.

Stay tuned, we will be posting more info about the event here soon!
Tiersa & Jamie

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