August 26, 2014

Thank you for a successful 2014 Relay!

Thank you!
Thank you for your support of our efforts in fighting this terrible disease.  We could not have done it without you!

We started this team in honor of Norma Jergesen [Wally’s wife, Keith, Katie, and Stephanie’s mom, and Jamie & Toni’s grandmother] who we lost in 2010.  We are also very grateful to have several survivors in our family, including Stephanie & Keith’s wife, Tiersa.  When people ask me [Tiersa] why I walk it is simply this: I walk because I never got the chance to meet my mother-in-law.
Our fundraising goal this year was $1,000.  We kicked that all the way up to about $1,725 thanks to ALL of you!  We also learned so much this year, including what not to do!  Our team ranked #8 out of 39 in fundraising.  At relay Tiersa was honored with the Lorraine Werstlein Spirit award, which she could not have done without our awesome team and supporters!  Lorraine was the first person to start a Relay team in Beaverton many years ago, and she lost her battle with cancer in 2008.  Honored and surprised do not begin to describe how we feel about this wonderful award!

At the event we sold lap bead necklaces as part of our fundraising.  Participants could purchase a necklace and each time around the lap they would pick up a bead for free.  This was a great way for participants to track their laps, count their miles, and take home a souvenir.  Not only do we love to have these, it was fun to see people challenging themselves to reach their next purple [full mile] or silver [5th mile!].   Keith walked 15.2 miles, Tiersa walked 12.2, and Wally walked 7.2 miles!  The rest of our team collected their fair share of beads and handed out lots of beads as well.  We all agreed one of the benefits of selling the bead necklaces is that we really got to meet other team members!

As always, we would love to have you join our team for next year!  No one is required to spend the night, but join us for an hour or two of walking or selling our lap bead necklaces, or just come hang out for a while. 

We are proud of what we have accomplished; now we are setting our sights higher!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, we are forever grateful for your support in our fight against cancer!
Wally’s Jolly Walkers

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Our donated baskets for the silent auction raised us more funds!

Our "Summer Pool Party" tent

Lap beads were a popular item!  Great for tracking your progress!

Our Driver and Patient gearing up for the Road to Recovery Race!

Racing back to the finish line!  Jamie built the car that drove she and Keith to a second place finish in Heat 1.  There was an unbeatable helicopter right next to them, and although they lost a wheel, this was SO much fun to participate in, to watch, and to reinforce what the ROAD TO RECOVERY program is all about, and how important it is for those battling cancer.

The Luminaria Ceremony

We walk in honor of Norma Jergesen, and so many others who have touched our lives. 

Thanks to all of our supporters!

We love that Wally, at 89, outlapped most of us!  7.2 miles, go Wally!

Wally & Keith modeling our team shirts!

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