August 24, 2014


We want to thank our 2014 donors and supporters for all they have done and continue to do for Wally's Jolly Walkers!  We are having fun planning for our first official relay as a team, and we couldn't do it without you!

  • CENTRAL CYLANDER HEAD, Inc in Portland, for their generous donation of $250
  • LARRY KEMP AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES ~ for your generous $50 donation to our team!  You can contact Wally & Son Automotive for his contact info if you need it! 
  • WALLY & SON AUTOMOTIVE, for making some rockin' cool team shirts!  And we walk in honor of Wife/Mom/Grandma Norma and our sister/aunt, Stephanie [who is also on our team!]!
  • DOODLE'S DOG SPA, for sponsoring our Cupcake Sundae Bar fundraiser!  And we walk in honor of Grandma/Mother-in-law Norma!
  • SANNYPOO CLEANING SERVICE ~ for her generous $50 donation to our team!  She is taking on new clients and does a marvelous job!  And we walk in honor of her sister.  Contact Tiersa for her contact information while she works on her website!
  • JEANNE & HOWARD GOLDBERG ~ for their wonderful donation of $100
  • TIERSA & KEITH JERGESEN ~ for sponsoring supplies, and donations of $500
  • THE PARTY SPOT in Aloha, OR for their donation of balloons to brighten our tent at Relay!
  • KENNETH A HOILAND, PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP for his sponsorship donation of $50!

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