September 1, 2014

3,712 Laps!

The beads have been counted!  Yes, I counted every single bead!  I wanted to now how many laps were walked by those who chose to donate and get a necklace!  We had a bit of a tangle with the necklaces themselves so we haven't been able to get an accurate count on those, but beads we can count!

Fortunately the beads came in bags of 500[-ish, but we went with it, and next year we will weigh them!], so it was an easy count going into the tubs. Last night I did the final re-count and we gave away a grand total of 3,712 BEADS!  That is three thousand, seven hundred and twelve beads for those who had a necklace!  Pretty impressive! 

We also gave free necklaces to all survivors, but we didn't catch all the survivors before their purple shirts were off so next year [we learn from our mistakes :) ] we will announce it or hand them out at the opening ceremonies.  That way every single survivor can count their laps!

It's a pretty impressive number, and we want to double it for next year!

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