July 20, 2015

Relay Recap 2015: We're not done yet!

This past weekend was the Beaverton Relay for Life.  Wally's Jolly Wakers again sold the Lap Bead Necklaces and the final bead tally is in!

The final bead count is done! 4000 red beads, 1037 purple beads, and 289 silver beads for grand total of 5326 beaded laps and 1331.5 miles! Thank you again to all the lappers for supporting us. We love to meet you and hear your stories, and to cheer you on! 

There is still time to add to our fundraising for this Relay year!  The fundraising year ends August 31st.  Due to many different issues this years fundraising did not get kicked off when we needed it to so please help us reach our modified goal of $500 for the 2015 Relay.  We are ALMOST there! 

Monique, a special shout out to you, you are my 2015 Relay Hero!  Monique from Team Nichol came to walk some laps.  She started with a teammate whose goal was 10 miles.  Monique thought she could beat that.  So she started walking and then realized that a bigger goal was better. She lost her dad to cancer and decided to walk his age in laps.  She made it just in time for the closing ceremonies!

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